Vee promises "Derive Efficiencies, Reduce Costs" (up to 30%) assuring companies to Offshore/Outsource Financial and Accounting process to VeeFnA to tap benefits of quality output in a timely deliveries, whilst reducing costs.

FAO buyers preferred to retain their financial strategy and key financial processes (namely capital budgeting, auditing, risk and treasury management and forecasting) in house.

However this trend is changing, entrepreneurs have started to realize the benefits of back-office Global FAO services for financial and accounting processes, their business health and the key leverage points that make the business successful.

VeeFnA has kept pace with evolving buyer needs, as the most providers have been focused on AP, General Accounting, analytics and reporting. However, sophisticated customers need end-to-end process capability in areas of Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay and key F&A processes (audits compliance, budgeting/forecasting, treasury and risk management).

Classification as Solution by Business

  • Small & Medium Business
  • Accounting Firms
  • CPAs