The brand promise of Vee is to offer quality in every transaction. This has led us to achieve Lean six sigma levels of quality, which has been fortified by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. This has been a catalyst in growing our clients' confidence which results the volume of work outsourced by them.

Vee FnA takes pride in our fifty years of experience in education - The Sona Group (Part of VeeFnA) owns and runs a group of colleges with 5000 students on campus, offering courses in management, technology and vocational courses, from this unique experience stems our orientation and philosophy of training. "Courseware".

Our Lean Six Sigma relates to controlling defects typically upto 3.4 ppm (parts per million). Vee has the credit of consistently achieving Lean Six Sigma level quality for the Insurance claims processing.

Vee relentlessly pursues the quality initiatives by recognizing people who have achieved Lean Six Sigma levels of Quality. Vee is working towards Zero-Defect Quality with our latest Technology.

Vee has put in systems and procedures that will ensure consistently high quality output. Vee has a QMS (Quality Management System).