Individual Client information Privacy
Individual client private to determine that no data is shared, BPO, privacy includes all the data of the client and its' customers, hence Vee maintain the confidentiality of data through physical security, Technology, policies etc and shall use this data only for the purposes by its owner. This includes non disclosure of Social security numbers, passport details, bank details, PAN/ETN (of Income tax), Health information, financial/loan details etc.

Data Protection
Data is checked when it is received from the customer. Ensure that the data is received intact and not tampered with. Recorded if there are any flaws or deviations. Once data is received, the onus is on Vee to maintain the data integrity. Data is exchanged over the broadband through the secure server. All entry/exit points are secure and all movement is logged. Our customer data is dynamically backed-up and mirrored frequently at different physical locations.

Image capturing devices like scanners or photocopiers is not allowed in the working premises. banned Internet or Web browsing access in the entire office.

The computer in the working facility is secure against data duplication. All the computer systems are not provided with hard disks or floppy drives.